Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Article: "Fayette letters to enhance traveling Civil War exhibit"

Fayette letters to enhance traveling Civil War exhibit | TribLIVE Mobile | Pittsburgh

The Pennsylvania Civil War 150 traveling exhibit is back, and has expanded. Besides the letters from Fayette County soliders (the county south of me) are figures of Pennsylvanians who served in various capacities. Included is one of Kate McBride, the 15 year old daughter of the Allegheny Arsenal main lab superintendant Alexander McBride . Kate was one of the 78 victims of the explosion there in 1862. Looks like I will have to make another trip to it...


  1. How cooL! Thanks for sharing this--can't wait to soak up this exhibit once again!

    1. Yeah, me too! I didn't know they'd be changing it up each year. So that's cool.