Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog: The Story of Sallie Ann Jarrett

This is a blog written by my sister a couple of years ago about the mascot of our adopted regiment, the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry, Sallie Ann Jarrett. Sallie was a Staffordshire terrier (a.k.a. pitbull) who was given as a puppy to the regiment while they were training in the spring of 1861. She faithfully followed the 11th wherever they went, even into battle, even - sadly - to the death at Hatcher's Run in 1865. The men of the 11th remembered her loyalty to them on their monument at Gettysburg, where today, visitors leave doggie treats for her. The story of Sallie is one of the best known animal stories of the Civil War, and can still bring a tear to the eye.
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